Sunday, 11 February 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Hi folks.

If you're wondering who I am, I'm Pete Cole, one of the co-founders of SSEYO (which I founded with my brother Tim Cole - AKA Colartz).

We founded SSEYO to create the Koan generative music software. SSEYO got acquired by Tao Group, to develop for them the amazing intent Sound System (iSS) audio framework for Tao Group's intent operating system.

These days, we're focused on creating the most amazing media creation software for mobile devices - something we call miniMIXA.

We're also going to be building new generative software at Intermorphic ... so for those of you wondering about the power of generative art and generative music, check-out the Intermorphic website at!



^v^ Drake ^v^ said...

I used Koan since the mid 90's! So sad to see it GONE!!!

As a LONG time user and was going to upgrade again, only to realize Sseyo is GONE!!?? Is there ANYWHERE I can still get your products? This new TAO site has NOTHING to offer that I can see!!!

^v^ Drake ^v^

Tim said...

Maybe, in a few weeks...

sseyod said...


Check-out Intermorphic, where you will find noatikl, which is the spiritual successor to Koan!