Friday, 25 January 2008

Low-latency audio IO on a MacBook!

My brother (Tim Cole) has tried using Asio4All to get low-latency audio on his Mac Book, but ended-up having various problems with it.

Well, I’ve found the easiest solution on my MacBook and Mac Mini was to get a really cheap Firewire low-latency audio box, that works with both Windows XP and Mac OS X. This was the Behringer FCA202. There are lots of really cheap offers for this in the webstores right now, and it is a tremendous piece of kit!

I’ve been using this to work on ideas for the noatikl hyperinstrument and MIDI-control features.

For that matter, I wonder if we should use the term “hyperinstrument” or “hyper instrument”. I’ll stick with the first spelling, unless anybody can tell me otherwise! :)


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