Tuesday, 5 February 2008

noatikl 1.5

Well, that was hard work, but we've now got noatikl 1.5 out of the door.

For those who don't know, Noatikl is a Generative Music tool. This is an easy-to-use program (with great depth!) which helps you make music; by composing the music for you, in real time, while you give it direction in what to do!

This is a major new development for us, as it completes an arc of development that has been going on for many months now, and has increased the power of noaitkl greatly. The plan was threefold:
- give noatikl pieces the ability to incorporate internally generated structure
- give noatikl the ability to respond to MIDI input events
- introduce a fast, flexible, easy-to-use scripting system to bind it all together!

So: on one hand, we've added the ability to control noatikl from within, with (optional!) Lua trigger scripts that fire while the piece is playing. The effect on noatikl is quite incredible. It is especially gratifying to see users who are self-confessed 'scriptaholics' test-driving the new features, and finding that it totally transforms their ability to control noatikl in the way they want.

On the other hand, noatikl can now be controlled in real-time in response to incoming MIDI controller events. Not only that, but noatikl automatically harmonises with incoming MIDI note events; and those note events can be used to trigger various responses within noatikl using the scripting engine. noatikl can now fairly be described as a hyperinstrument!

What next? Well, for starters we have plans to greatly improve the pattern handling within noatikl. That should keep us busy. :)


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