Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back to Noatikl!

Noatikl Logo

Now that the first release of Mixtikl has settled-down nicely (with an iPhone port hopefully pending, subject to feedback from Apple), we're starting to look again at Noatikl.

The first thing to sort-out is to make it easier to use templates, and we've just updated Noatikl to version to deal with that. It is now really, really easy to merge Noatikl pieces and templates together.

The next thing we'll be looking at is some big stuff for Noatikl 2: mainly the generative pattern editor, which is a big chunk of work, and is something that is going to take a lot of focus from us over the coming months. We might also spend some time looking at easy-to-use interfaces for the Noatikl engine for mobile. Whatever we do, we're planning on having some real fun with our generative music engine!

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