Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tweaking Mixtikl on the iPhone

While Tim is fiddling-away with the new iPhone skin (there's no point in rushing him, he only ignores me anyways ... just joking Tim!), I've been spending my time tweaking the UI responsiveness of Mixtikl on the iPhone, and fixing some odd bugs left-over from the porting process.

User interface latency is really fabulous ... so much better than Windows Mobile.

Our pluggable font engine has paid dividends yet again, the effort to move text display across to iPhone was only the matter of a few hours work, as is usual for our trans-platform graphics architecture. It sometimes amazes me when things like this work so quickly, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised any more. :)

I have few other bits-and-bobs to sort out, but things are looking and sounding very good indeed...


Anonymous said...

Could we see some screenshot?
Huu? Said yes please...

Pete Cole said...

Better than that, we're going to post some videos. :) But first, we have to polish-off the skin. I'd guess we're about 2-3 weeks away from having those videos. Keep an eye on my blog, and the Intermorphic web site ( for updates! :)

Best wishes,