Friday, 8 May 2009

iPhone - clearing the Bonjour jungle

Phew: the Mixtikl file sharing code seems to be pretty much sorted out now. It has been a lot of work, but it is great to be able to have Mixtikl on the Mac share files with Mixtikl on the iPhone (in both directions!) through the local network.

I like the way that you can copy a Tiklpak from Mixtikl on your Mac, to Mixtikl on the iPhone, and use it immediately on your iPhone without having to restart. Nifty!

I can now get back to tidying-up the skin code to accomodate Tim's latest design. And when that is done: we'll be in a position to submit Mixtikl 1.5 to the App Store...

Just for the record though, if the iPhone allowed the desktop machine to connect to the iPhone, such that the desktop could read/write data into an "public" area specific to each app; that would have made everybody's lives so much easier without breaking the sandbox model.

The approach taken in Windows Mobile is much more flexible - just copy files around as you want, using Explorer and Active Sync ... though of course the fact that Mixtikl for iPhone has an integrated solution will make it really easy for Mixtikl users with a Mac. Windows users with an iPhone will not find things so easy though...

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