Thursday, 9 July 2009

More on Android Audio

Many thanks to Jay, who was kind enough to post a comment on my previous post, saying that there is an API we can use for programmatic delivery of audio streams in Android, which you can find documented at

Now that I know where to look :), I have found that there is also a similar API you can use to capture incoming audio on Android to memory, which is documented at

So, that means that Intermorphic could at some point create a Noatikl/Partikl player library for Android if we wanted to, using the Android NDK (I wouldn't be surprised if this link breaks at some point...).

However, that would first require the NDK to fill-in some critical (!) gaps:
- no support for C++ exceptions (this is a show stopper for a lot of code...)
- no support for STL (this is also a show stopper...)

If any reader happens to know who to prod at Android, please get them on the case wrt the holes in their C++ support!

I suspect that the full Mixtikl user interface would be a bridge too far :) though it'd be interesting to experiment around what is possible (not that I ever have any spare time!).

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