Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mixtikl 2 launch day - at last!

So here we are, Mixtikl 2 launch day.

Product launch days are always a bit hard, there is always too much to do, and we're focused for now purely on completing the web side of things.

The good news of course is that the software is stable and we're pretty happy with what we've created.

As always, we're wondering what people will think of how we've changed and extended things. Of course, Mixtikl 2 looks quite a lot different to Mixtikl 1, some aspects of the UI have changed a lot and will take some getting used to for users of Mixtikl 1.

We've featured generative content very strongly, and added what we think are some exciting new features aimed at collaboration and content sharing through text audio vectors. And, of course, we're now running on iPod/iPhone; I should think that some people will be interested to compare and contrast the experience of using Mixtikl on iPhone/iPod, compared to Windows Mobile. :)

The biggest challenges for Mixtikl have been of our own making: a continued wish to have it run on as many platforms as possible; to have Mixtikl be usable on both touchable and non-touchable devices; to introduce extensive content sharing features which build on our long experience of "vector audio"; to introduce web browser plug-in variants.

Whatever we do, we know that some people will love Mixtikl 2, others will hate it - and the struggle to create compelling generative software continues!

Life certainly would be easier if we just supported one platform and just focused on one major feature; but then Mixtikl simply wouldn't be so interesting and kaleidoscopic! :)


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