Monday, 18 January 2010

Mixtikl update for iPhone coming soon - and Liptikl!

Tim and I both had a good break over Christmas; I think we both earned it after the long, hard push to releasing Mixtikl 2!

Now that we're refreshed, we've been busy working on an update to Mixtikl, which tidies-up various loose ends and generally makes it easier to get into! We're aiming to release this in a few weeks.

We've also been working on an iPhone version of Liptikl, which is fun and easy to use, so we hope to release that at some point after first releasing the Mixtikl update.

For those who are interested in the technicalities of such things things, most of the primary development for Mixtikl is done under Xcode on the Mac, targeting the iPhone version. Because Mixtikl is 95% cross-platform, I actually have the option to work under either Windows (with Visual Studio) or Mac OS (with Xcode). Despite Visual Studio being hugely more powerful than Xcode (with a far nicer editor model, debugger etc. etc....), I find myself working mainly in Xcode. Why? Simply because Mac OS is a great deal faster than Windows for running all my development scripts. Xcode is a lot less nice to use than Visual Studio, but overall I'm faster on the Mac because Mac OS mainly because shell scripting runs so much quicker...! Because I use the same editor on both platforms (vim ...) I can move easily between the two whenever I need to. I must say however, that if cygwin scripting were a lot faster under Windows, then I'd be back to Windows. :)

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