Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mixtikl on Android - with the NDK and C++

Mixtikl is now around 95% complete on Android.

I've actually ported directly with the NDK/C++, without using Juce, as my 2d portability layer for Mixtikl is so highly developed. The port only took around a week (having already done a lot of background work in the previous few months laying the ground for this and possibly other ports!).

The Audio drivers have caused some fun; I've ended-up implementing support for AudioTrack and AudioRecord in native code with pthreads. Audio support in Android really is very poor...

The biggest headache is the basic problem of debugging C++ code on Android; I'm reduced to using trace statements. It helps that 99% of the code in Mixtikl is cross-platform and fully debugged on other platforms!

That said, the latest NDK (R6) is much improved with STL support and what have you; there is no longer any need to use Crystax.

I'm still very likely to use Juce for the Liptikl and Noatikl ports to Android, of course!


rcon303 said...

any word on mixtikl for android ?
maybe in time for xmas???

Pete Cole said...

Hi - thanks for asking!

I think it is most likely to be sometime in Spring - though there is still a small chance it might be released later this year!

Best wishes,


Pete Cole said...

Now looks like Mixtikl for Android will be out in just a week or two. :)