Thursday, 4 December 2008

Mixtikl now in Beta

Well, we're almost at the finishing line ... Mixtikl is now in Beta, and we can't be more than a week from the full release. Thank goodness!

Mixtikl is easily the most complicated piece of software I have ever created! The last time I checked, there was more than half-a-million lines of code in there ... and then there are all Tim's skins and the Tiklpaks and the documentation we've had to create... this has certainly been a labour of love!

Keep an eye on the Mixtikl site for the draft user guide and lots more information! The user guide is ever expanding, and hopefully makes for an interesting read...

I'm looking forward to porting to Symbian Series 60 during my Christmas holidays (yeah, I really know how to enjoy myself!). I've already completed most of the iPhone port, in case we ever decide to release on that platform...

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