Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mixtikl now released!

Mixtikl Logo

Wow - at long last! Mixtikl is finally out of the door. And before Christmas, too!

With the software finally released, it was a real treat to sit-back and relax by simply playing with Mixtikl for a while, mixing-up the paks and generative music elements. Frankly, it sounds amazing and is a blast to use.

Do try out some of the Noatikl generative music items in the Tiklpak Cinematic 120d, which is one of two Tiklpaks that comes embedded with Mixtikl. The generative items show up as red in the content list. They make for amazing backing sounds! :

So, onwards and upwards from here. We already have lots of things we want to improve, and lots of things we want to add (including many more Tiklpaks!), and we also want to take a look at Noatikl and Liptikl. 2009 should be very busy, but hopefully not as frenetic as 2008!


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