Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Android JNI NDK - and STL support?

There is an interesting post that you can find here, which indicates that it is possible to get STL support working in C++ code that you might want to port to the Android JNI / NDK, using STLPort. Cool!

This is really interesting; I think this was the biggest issue that was blocking a port of Mixtikl to Android devices (I think I can see a way around most other issues). So, I now need to clear some time in my schedule to investigate in more detail! :)

The STLPort info page has more details, and the license looks promising; all-in-all, this is very exciting!


Dominique said...

Yeassss, please clean your schedule! We need generative music on Android. Do you remember a few email this spring about this? :o)


Pete Cole said...

Hi Dom,

Sure I remember! :)

The real issue is the usual one - time! We have a pretty packed schedule, what with getting Mixtikl 2 out of the door (which includes the iPhone/iPod version), and plans for Noatikl 2. But, we really want to look at Android for Mixtikl, now that it seems like a port might be technically possible...!

Dominique said...

Patience is a virtue! :o)