Wednesday, 26 August 2009

auto_ptr with arrays - and a solution

It is pretty irritating that auto_ptr (a feature of C++, for those who don't know!) doesn't work with array variables.

In other words, it is not safe to do this:

int *pArray = new int[10];
auto_ptr autodel(pArray);

It is pretty easy however to create your own alternative to auto_ptr, that works with array pointers...

template <class T> class auto_ptr_array
auto_ptr_array(T *p) :

delete[] mp;

void reset(T *p)
delete []mp;
mp = p;

T *get()
return mp;

T* release()
T* lpRet = mp;
mp = NULL;
return lpRet;

T *mp;

Example usage...

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
// Use it one of two ways...
auto_ptr_array autodel(new int[20]);
int *pval = autodel.get();

int *pval2 = new int[20];
auto_ptr_array autodel2(pval2);

printf ("Done!\n");

return 0;

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