Sunday, 18 April 2010

Airplay, Android and in-app advertising

I've been thinking around the subject of Android, and am pretty certain that the only tenable model for app distribution on this platform is with in-app advertising.

Of course, porting of a C++ app to Android is a complete pig, and I guess the option is either maybe via a port of SDL, or via Airplay.

The issue with Airplay is how to display in-app advertising; there is no way that I can see to invoke native code from Airplay!

Thinking around the subject, I was wondering if it were possible to install a native Android service that listens to a particular socket.

My thought is that Airplay could communicate with that service via the socket, to send request to display an ad in a native pop-up Window (the service handles the display of the ad, outside of the context of Airplay).

Anybody care to comment on this idea...? :-D



Max said...

I see you already got an answer on the Airplay forum, but I think this would be right way to do it (assuming dynamic library is provided)

Pete Cole said...

Hi Max,

That is incredibly helpful of you. :)

I'm following-up on ...

Best wishes,