Thursday, 29 April 2010

Porting Mixtikl to Qt

It didn't take me long to port Mixtikl to Qt: just a few days to get it all running. Of course, it helps that Mixtikl was designed to be portable. :)

The biggest gotcha was shown-up by a weird linker error relating to missing vtable for a class.

It turns out that this was for a few reasons!

1. If your class implements slots, the declaration *must* be put in a header file; put it in a .cpp file, and qmake won't won't find it and you get the vtable link error.
2. That header file MUST be in your .pro file's list of header files; forget this, qmake won't won't find it and you get the vtable link error.
3. Make sure your class has a special line added. You must have the Q_OBJECT line as the first line in your class prototype, as shown below - no punctuation at the end of the line!

class myclass : public QObject
  // ... rest of class follows

4. The class must be derived from a class that ultimately derives from QObject
5. Your slot implementation method must have a "slots:" line before it. e.g.:

public slots:
  void setValue(int value);

6. You must then run qmake from the console/terminal, while in the folder that contains your .pro file (that will rebuild the makefiles to pull-in the neceesary bits).

One more thing to mention: I found using QTimer to be problematic if using threads; use QThread instead to roll your own timers if you have problems. I had similar issues with NSTimer on iPhone...

Once you've figured that out, Qt is a piece of cake to use. A very easy to use, powerful, flexible C++ framework.

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