Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Android version of Mixtikl coming along

The tidy-up phase of the Android port of Mixtikl is coming on nicely. My shortlist of things to do is getting very short. :)


Peter said...

Did you end up using Airplay?

Somewhat unrelated, does Android audio performance suck as much as everyone is saying?

Pete Cole said...

Hi - thanks for asking!

I have completed the Airplay port, but we're holding release until Airplay implements multi-threading; the user interface isn't responsive enough yet because of what we have to do to prevent audio break-up without multi-threading... So, we await the release of multi-threading in Airplay!

Audio performance has been OK - maybe the people complaining don't know how to write high-performance audio software. :)

Peter said...

Cool - Airplay does seem pretty nice, all the other cross-platform frameworks around seem to be extremely high-level. The debugging support seems pretty good as those things go, too.

I had been reading a lot of complaints about sound latency on Android, so it's nice to hear that it's been workable for you. Seems like sound on android is still a work in progress, no NDK access, etc.

The no-multithreading seems kind of surprising. OTOH it would be nice if their UI system could optionally run in a separate thread to begin with, if that's all you need it for, but I'm sure that would require more changes than they are interested in making. Your app looks pretty cool though, I'll get it when I get a device that can run it :)

Pete Cole said...

I really don't like Android as a development platform - it is a complete mess compared to say the iPhone SDK or QT - but the difficulties of doing stuff in Android will keep consultants in employment for a long time to come. :)