Thursday, 6 May 2010

MeeGo - how to download the source code using Cygwin / Windows

You can get the very latest MeeGo source code from here:

I downloaded all the rpm files easily enough using wget (under cygwin, on my Windows machine).

To extract the contents of the downloaded rpm files, do this for each rpm file (assuming you have the rpm tools installed with cygwin!):

rpm2cpio filexyz.rpm | cpio -idmv --no-absolute-filenames


For each extracted myfile.tar.gz file, do this:
tar -xvf myfile.tar.gz


For each extracted myfile.tar.bz2 file, do this:
tar -jxvf myfile.tar.bz2

You will then have all the latest MeeGo source code extracted to your computer!

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